Company Values

What we believe in:

Here at Radix Products, we have specific values that are rooted in the very core of our business:

Sustainable Energy:

We purchase our energy from a company specializing in the sale of purely sustainable electricity sources, utilizing a combination of wind and solar capture. We believe as stewards of our planet, it is our duty to minimize our effects on the climate as much as possible for the sake of future generations.

No Animal Products:

We know that a lot of high-end goods use animal products such as leather and other skins and that many people love the look and feel. We want to protect animals as much as we can, so we choose to only use synthetic fabrics and leathers in the design of our products. Synthetic materials have gone a long way in the past decade, and we believe they can be as durable and beautiful as materials taken from animals.

Fair Pricing:

We're a small company, and we want to stay small. This allows us to provide quality goods at very reasonable prices without needing to pay for unnecessary overhead. We want to make sure that we offer great designs at a price point that is lower than what you would expect, giving you a product that you believe is a great value.

Ethical Sourcing:

We do our best to ensure that our products are sourced in a responsible and sustainable way, taking into account both environmental and social impacts during production and distribution. We maintain close relationships with our key manufacturers so we can maintain a high level of quality without sacrificing our values in the process.